Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Testimony - Burning Sensation Disappeared via Mantle Impartation

“For over three years, I felt a severe burning sensation on my left arm. I prayed and read the Bishop’s books, but after 2 or 3 days it became worse.
Last Sunday, I decided it was enough. When I saw the Bishop laid his hands on the mantles, I said, ‘Father, this is my moment, season and hour.’
As I received the mantle, I held it and said, ‘Father, the hour has come.’ Immediately, the burning sensation ceased. All through the week, my sleep was peaceful. I give all the glory to God!” --- Chukwuka, M.

Testimony - Breast Pain Healed and Menses Restored

“I suffered breast pain for three years, and at a time, my menstruation stopped. Last week was my first time here.
During the service, a sister shared a testimony on how God delivered her from breast itching. I said, ‘God, if you are the one that delivered this sister, I will not go home with this breast pain.’
I returned from that service with joy. When my husband asked why I was happy, I replied that I was healed, even if I still felt the pain.
On Wednesday morning, while I took my bath, I felt no pain and my menstruation was restored!” --- Rosemary, E.

Testimony - Now an Associate Chartered Accountant

“Since November 2009, I had been writing the professional examination of the Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN). I wrote the level one exam four times before I could cross over to the next level, which I also had a challenge with.
During the Easter Service in April, the Bishop prophesied that by the resurrection power of Jesus, we would not be found rewriting an exam. I had never heard him say such, so, I held on to it.
During one of my studies, my spirit reminded me that it was my seventh time of writing the exam. Then, the Holy Spirit said seven meant perfection, and God would perfect all that concerned me.
I wrote the exam in May 2013, bearing in mind the prophecy that came forth from the Bishop and the confirmation by the Holy Spirit.
Today, I am an Associate Chartered Accountant after writing the exam seven times.  I give all the glory to God!” --- Kehinde, O.

Testimony - Divinely Rescued

“I am a sailor by profession. On Sunday, we sailed from Bayelsa to Lagos, fully loaded with Automotive Gas Oil (AGO). About nine hours to Lagos, we discovered a leakage in the engine room, through which water came into the vessel.
After a while, the vessel began to sink, so, we launched a lifeboat. After boarding it, the engine would not start, then we knew we were in danger. There was no building or human in sight, so we panicked.
In the process, I remembered the Bishop said we were not permitted to die young. That lifted my spirit, and I encouraged the crew with those words.
While trying to paddle the boat, suddenly, we saw an Ex-mobile service boat heading towards us. We called for help and we were rescued. To God be all the glory!”--- Godwin, O.